Monday, 25 February 2013


A little while ago I received a wonderful gift of poems from Class 5W at Wimbledon Park Primary School in Merton. They were reading Journey to Jo'burg. Thank you so much Class 5W and my warm thanks to the writers of 'Hope'...

Hope is a shield.

Hope like the sun, burns away dark thoughts.

Hope is the protection against doubt.

Hope is what keeps people at war alive.

Hope is a springbok, leaping across the savannah.

Hope is the fight which sets people free.

Hope is a shooting star like a blazing firework.

Hope is a beam of light, in a world of darkness.

Hope is to have fair opportunities.

Hope unites us.

Hope is to end the apartheid.

By: Joe, Monty,Levi, Adam, Simone,Maya, Hannah, Zahida, Sam , Samuel


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